Integrity Is a Real Pain in the Arse


Integrity is a real pain in the arse – my integrity is always getting in my way.

I know, that’s a weird thing to say but it’s true – if I didn’t have integrity I would likely have doubled my followers in social media, grown my radio show in an epic way and not have spent two months being threatened with death and all sorts of other unpleasant happenings. BUT OH NO, freakin’ integrity gets in the way.

See, I could have jumped on that ol’ Trump Train like so many other mid-level pundits did but I chose not to. And believe me, when you work in any type of media you pick and choose what you will and will not “cover” for readers and listeners. Anyone telling you otherwise is delusional or full of it. But with Trump, there was just so much wrong with him and his campaign that even though it would have meant a far easier path in grassroots and lots and lots of mindlessly loyal “fans,” I couldn’t do it. Rant about Obamacare? Easy. Shake my fist at Planned Parenthood? Cake. Tell the world Trump is a conservative and our last hope? HELL NO.

I have watched other “pundits” who had a fraction of my listeners and readers “blossom” as Trump Champions, telling the world that Trump is this lion and that he will fight for us and how the majority is tired of the same old establishment and how Trump and only Trump will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN… see, I could easily say and write this crap and you know why? Because it IS crap, talking points that mean absolutely nothing with zero substance or what I like to call, rhetoric.

For years we have mocked the left and called them “bumper sticker people” because so many of their arguments were things you’d put on a bumper sticker or shout at a rally. HOPE AND CHANGE! YES WE CAN! And yet here we are on the right, with our very own bumper sticker people, grown and shaped by disingenuous Trump-worshiping pundits who care more about numbers than they do message or principle.

It would be so easy to stop caring about the bigger picture and things like integrity, principles, liberty, freedom and to write mindless garbage about how tough Trump is and how smart he is not to debate a loser like Cruz. It wouldn’t take me an hour to write a blog any more, I could just sit down and say things like, “THE SILENT MAJORITY IS PISSED OFF AND WE’RE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK,” and a bunch of angry people would shout HELL YEAH and share my blog everywhere.

But even knowing how much easier it would be, I don’t know that I could ever forgive myself for copping out and taking the easy road. In my opinion, once you have any sort of following you have a responsibility to the people who care enough about what you say or write to make sure you give them your best.

And my best would never include selling out my conservative ideals in the hopes of getting a few more readers or followers.

Ok, so maybe integrity isn’t such a bad thing – I guess I just wish more so-called pundits pushing Trump had a teensy bit more of their own.


Trump Fraud in Mavinga, MO

I’m a bad kid.

But if you follow me in any sort of social media you know this already.

Today because I think many of us fighting against Trump have sort of lost our minds, a group (inspired by @JustEric) started making up different cities and counties in OH, FL, MO, NC AND IL and typing all in caps that there was voter fraud, and sending these tweets to Trump.

Of course the cities and counties did not exist… and were obviously foul, like:

North Anus County, OH
Mucock, MO
Areola, FL
Mavigina, MO
South Urethral County, NC
Dirty Crack County, IL

You get the gist… yes?

Well, as we were having fun at Mr. Trump’s expense several of his followers started to RT our silly tweets and tell us we should report the fraud… and we hee-hawed.

Ok, so it’s juvenile and silly but aren’t politics anyway?

Big shout out to @Patriot_Musket and many others for making what is typically a stressful, horrible day in social media hysterical and fun again… it’s been awhile.


Reflections of a Conservative Bunny


I started “working” in grassroots in 2010 with a major push in 2012 because I was unhappy with the way the country was going, in particular with Obama’s policies and ideas. I fought for Romney (and lost), licked my wounds and jumped back into the fray because I believed in something bigger and more important than myself.

I believed in America.

For three years I fought the stereotypes thrown at conservatives, that only old, rich, white men were republicans, that the right hated Obama because he was black and we’re all racists… on and on I fought, pulling information, writing blogs, getting on the radio. I was in my own way, ruthless and more dedicated than I probably should have been.

Fast forward to 2015 when a reality TV star decided to run for president – listening to his announcement I laughed and thought surely no one would take this man seriously. Eight months later he is still not only relevant, but somehow leading the party that I had fought so hard to protect, defend and reinvigorate. Americans are MAD, and this man tapped into that anger, removing any and all focus on freedom, of the Constitution, of individual liberty and turning our message into one of hate, division and strife.

Reflecting now, as we get ready for another big day in the primary (tomorrow, eek!) part of me wonders if I am somewhat responsible for helping to create a monster such as Trump, did I feed an angry mob “protein” to pump up this amount of hate by pointing out the wrongs of the federal government? Did I let my own anger cloud what I was really trying to do and blind me to the very real and ugly faction of racists, sexists and bigots on the right?

Or is this simply beyond me… beyond what I can control and do I need to accept I can fight, but my fight only extends so far?

I still believe in America, and I still have hope (take that, BO) that as Americans we will endure, regardless of who sits in the WH.

I think.

Dammit Feminism


I blame feminism for Donald Trump.

It’s true. For months and months feminists and their “nuclear cousins” the Social Justice Warriors hammered the masses about being PC, being tolerant and following an ass-backwards agenda that made many of us nuts. So nuts in fact that roughly 35% of the population flocked to a foul-mouthed, orange-tinted, hot mess who on a whim decided he would run for president as a Republican EVEN though he had spent the majority of his 70 years as a Democrat.

So thanks a lot, feminism.

Thanks for driving people to the brink with your bullshit agenda that paints women as victims who are triggered by certain words, sights and sounds and therefore need safe spaces. Oh, and thanks for making all men into “villains” with your talk of rape culture, ultimately pushing many of them to resent women and any issue we may actually have. You have created an environment of people who no longer understand the difference between being politically correct and just being decent – you created an environment perfect for a demagogue like Donald Trump.

Beyond even Trump let’s talk about his base, shall we? The people who support him are using the “we’re not PC” talking point to deflect, discredit and destroy WOMEN… sure, they aren’t especially fond of men like Rick Wilson and Jonah Goldberg, but it’s predominately the females who speak out against Trump who really and truly get attacked. In all of your desperation to make the country a better place for women you alienated the very women you pretend to empower.

Michelle Fields for example was allegedly manhandled by Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski who at first admitted he did it, then denied he knew who she was, then went on to attack her person in social media. And what do Trump’s supporters do? They also go after Fields doing their best to make her the bad guy (or gal), all in the name of protecting Trump.

And why do they so desperately protect Trump? In their minds he is the one person who has had the balls to tell feminism to shut up, to tell the PC world to get bent, to speak his mind even if it’s not popular to do so. Which is honestly all well and good, until it crosses a line and people start to really get hurt. I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, feminism, but lots of people are starting to get hurt from reporters to protesters, the Trump movement is out of control fueled by the notion that political correctness is killing this country. The same political correctness you have been shoveling down America’s throat for far too long.

Long story short feminism, you have created intolerance by trying to force tolerance for your ideas, your agenda and your nonsense.

And in doing so, you created Trump.

Dammit feminism.

Dear Trump,

You’re probably asking yourself, “Self, why is this bunny person bugging me, I have giant amazing walls to build,” but the reason I’m writing you is we need to talk, and I can’t do it in 140 characters so I’m “blogging” you a letter. And the reason we need to talk is simple… you’re a disaster.

Yeah, you won’t agree and I’m sure at least two dozen Nazis will call me a word that begins with a “c” then threaten me with bodily harm for saying so but it needs to be said. Really and truly, you’re a mess. And I get it, people like you because you are a mess, you’re supposedly just like the rest of us poor slobs on Twitter ranting and raving about a country falling apart, shaking our social media fists at a government that seems to ignore us, thinking we make a difference…

Except YOU do make a difference. Sure, there’s a handful of people who pay attention to me but YOU, millions of people read your timeline and facebook pages so ultimately you have a real opportunity here, yes? An opportunity to speak for those of us who no one pays attention to, to speak for the “every man,” average Americans whose government has forgotten they work for us.

But unfortunately you’ve taken this opportunity and turned it into a one-man shit show – you’ve made this process about YOU, and it should be about country. It shouldn’t be about how people like you, or that you know this guy, or that you win so we’ll all win so much we’ll get sick of winning. This election is bigger than you, and I don’t think you understand that.

There are a lot of people in this country who are counting on you, who believe in you for whatever reason to be a leader, so be one. Stop being a jackass, learn about the positions you’ve taken, understand the plans you’ve paid people to write for you, study the Constitution and instead of being an incredible cry baby every time someone criticizes you, learn from it. Take a moment and try to understand why those of us who don’t support you, don’t trust you, why we question your motives, why we fight against you. Don’t go to a debate and yell the same talking points over and over again then pretend you said something worth saying – if you take some time to really look at what it means to be a republican you might even find you DO believe what you’re saying.

The people who put themselves on the line for you, who stand with you no matter HOW BADLY you screw up (and WOW, do you screw up) deserve better than what you’re giving them. And while I will never vote for you, there are thousands of people who believe what you’re telling them, who are desperate for your con to be true… and you and I both know it’s just not.

Be better. Be worthy of their support. You owe it to them.


A Conservative By Any Other Name…Ain’t a Conservative

winston_churchill_quote_poster-rcc69a06a3cff401590a87c54118b8668_vhbx_8byvr_324I’m a Conservative and as a Conservative I have been watching far too many pundits and politicians bastardize the very principles I try to live by for their own agendas. Somehow these folks think you can warp a set of ideals to fit whatever nonsense they’re pushing whether it’s to get you to read their blogs, watch or listen to their shows or even worse, to vote for them in the upcoming election and just NO. *sad trambone* 

At the end of the day there are some basic tenets of conservatism that do not change:

  • All people are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – fancy way of saying our rights are natural and not granted by any government.
  • Limited government is a necessary evil required to maintain a civil society but a gigantic, overreaching government undermines individual liberty.
  • Justice is justice. Equal justice under equal laws – there is no such thing as reproductive justice or social justice or unicorns and leprechauns justice. The notion that certain types of people should have more justice because of sex, color, creed, ability or preference completely takes away from the idea of equality because special is never equal.
  • Keep government LOCAL. And if you think about this one, the federal government is really the opposite because for most of us it is far far far away.
  • Life is a series of choices which result in wins and losses and the individual must be responsible for both.
  • There is no such thing as a good tax.
  • We the people know best what is in our own self-interest, not the government.

See? Pretty basic. And if you live by these principles you’re likely a conservative but if not you don’t get to change the rules to fit you – that’s just not how it works. Sorry folks, you can’t decide eminent domain is AOK and totes conservative because your candidate likes it a lot… if your candidate likes the idea of the federal government taking land for personal gain he or she is not a conservative.

Plenty of people and movements have tried to exploit conservatism for their own means, for example the strange uprising of nationalists who claim racism is a conservative principle. Ummm. No. Wrong. Totally wrong. Absolutely crazy wrong. No. Conservatism focuses on the individual, not their color, not their sex, not who they love, not who or what they worship, not if they did or didn’t sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night. None of that matters, just the individual and their inherent rights.

And that’s the point I’m trying to make – conservatism is simple but not convenient, it is not a moniker you can choose one day because you think it might score you some points. It’s not a club, it’s not a marketing ploy and sorry crazy feminists, it’s not a bunch of old white men sitting around plotting to control your vaginas.

No. It is simply a principled and I believe ingenious way to live. Let’s not complicate it.

Get In Line


***WARNING: I swear a few times in this post, if you are the sensitive type and do not like that sort of language either grow up and read it OR just ignore it so I don’t have to listen to a bunch of whining and complaining. Thanks ***

It has come to my attention that far too many of our so-called experts, you know pundits in the conservative realm, are absolutely clueless when it comes to actual conservative ideals. They seem confused by the tenets many of us live by and the essence of what makes us conservatives, otherwise known as those fancy things I like to call principles. For example, if you think telling a bunch of conservatives to “get in line” behind Trump or ANY candidate will work, you’re either completely fucked in the head or a phony.

Like MANY conservatives I have a hard time being told what to do… guess that’s why I’m a conservative. As a child I should have come with a warning label of some sort, “Does not play well with others, will cut a bitch, don’t engage before coffee, may be smiling but will eviscerate you and not break a sweat, give the dangerous bitch her chocolate…” You know, helpful warning labels that would protect those poor souls who think it makes sense to tell me what to do, how to think, who to believe in, etc.

When I saw Judge Jeanine from Fox News tell people to “get in line” with Trump I flipped out. OK OK, this is not a new thing with me (yes, I am a drama queen, I own it thank you) but OMG y’all, this blew my mind. And I know what you’re thinking, if she had said Cruz or Rubio I wouldn’t be so pissed off but to be honest I would still want to throw things around if she had said another candidate.

Shame on Judge Jeanine telling conservatives to get in line with Trump because it’s supposedly what the American people want. Who does she think she is? Gee, I’m an American and I don’t want Trump ANYWHERE near the White House… and I know roughly 70% of Republicans and 80% of Democrats agree with me.

This infuriates me not because it’s Trump (granted, I think he sucks giant donkey balls) but because of this attitude, this idea, this ENTITLEMENT she thinks she has to tell us what to do. Oh and please don’t tell me the folks with the National Review are just as bad, they gave their opinions and left it up to the reader to decide, they didn’t tell me to get in line or how to vote IN A PRIMARY. Maybe Jeanine doesn’t understand how a primary works? That there are several candidates and we are allowed to vote for them as we see fit? Crazy right?

Get in line. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Get in line. People HATE lines! Think of the DMV, the post office, the firing squad… lines are bad things.

Perhaps it is Jeanine who has gotten in line since it’s obvious Rupert Murdoch has a giant boner over Trump, not to mention Trump gave her $20k in 2006 for her campaign. Sounds like many of the talking heads at Fox have their marching orders… at least I hope that’s what is happening because otherwise they have always been fakes, telling conservatives what we want to hear just to get our attention and build their brands.

I don’t know about you but I will not be getting in line – my warning label as an adult should read, “Does not appreciate talking heads bossing her around and such behavior may lead to angry blogging, fussy faces and the oiling of chainsaws.”

Get in line… get bent.

The Bunny Manifesto

That’s silly, but I couldn’t help it. THE BUNNY MANIFESTO… because everything I have to say is so SUPER important it should be deemed as such. I need fireworks or something going off in the background with that title, maybe some dub step? MANIFESTO, HEAR ME ROAR!
Clearly that’s not true but right now with other conservatives releasing their manifestos it seems appropriate.

Did ya’ll read the National Review’s 22-authored “Against Trump Manifesto”? IT IS BRILLIANT (if for some reason you haven’t read it, go HERE and read it before you continue). For months, several of what I would call mid-level conservatives have been fighting on the front lines against this Trump movement and many of us have been bloodied and bruised. Standing up for the real tenets of conservatism suddenly wasn’t all that popular and often times led to attacks from the usual suspects on the left PLUS Trump supporters. As one of those conservatives I have taken a lot of punches and have a few scars I could show you from the last few months, scars that will likely never fade but hey, I learned from them.

I learned a lot about convenient conservatism, collectivism, authoritarianism and a bunch of other ‘isms’ that are NO FUN. Like nationalism and racism (hey, the left may use the word far too much, but it is alive and well these days), sexism… things I honestly thought were talking points for people who had no real debate or argument. Which could still be true but I’ve seen it more firsthand than I ever thought possible, and it stemmed not from the left where you typically see group-like behavior and thinking but from the right, or the “Alt Right” if I am being accurate.

And I know it stands for Alternative Right but from my little conservative world it has felt like an alternative universe that has been empowered by none other than Lord Combover himself, Donald Trump. All it took was a promise to round Mexicans up in vans, build a wall and ban Muslims and they had a real platform to spew hate and divisive nonsense all in the name of AMERICA. I can’t tell you how many times I had one of them tell me America is a white country and that I was a race traitor for not supporting their efforts in having a “pure race.”

I have felt like I’m losing my mind for the last seven or so months, watching people who I thought were smart shake their fists and follow along with the idea that the ONLY issue we face as a country is immigration and if don’t stop the rapists and drug dealers we’re doomed! DOOMED I TELL YOU. We’ll be a third-world country, conservatism will die, the Democrats will rule forever and our nation will fall.

Yeah, they’re a tad dramatic.

All supposedly in the name of conservatism…

Conservatism is not about race wars, it is not about limiting the liberties and freedoms of people whose faith we may disagree with, it is not about rounding people up in vans, it is not about raising taxes, or building a wall, or “bombing the shit” out of people, or being bitter clingers. It is much bigger than the rhetoric that’s been flying around, it means so much more than some loudmouth standing in front of a crowd and mocking people who disagree with and do not support him.

Conservatism IS about the individual, their rights, their choices and their responsibilities. So many of these people keep saying “what are you conserving, this country sucks, blah blah blah” and it’s clear they don’t understand. Conservatism is about conserving the INDIVIDUAL.

Seeing 22 of the most well-known and followed conservatives FINALLY coming out with both barrels of liberty was such a relief… a return to sanity if you will. It can start to feel a little like you’re on an island of crazy when all you see in social media are assholes shouting as loud as they can about MAKING MEXICO PAY FOR A WALL!!! I had one friend say, “Thank God, the Calvary has arrived,” and he was right.

Do we still have time to save this election? To remind Americans what is so great about Conservatism and WHY we fight for the individual? Can we find a way to unite and reassure those who have supported Trump out of anger and fear that working together we can do better than any of the candidates, because we’re Americans?

I hope so.

I have faith.

I am a Conservative.

Sarah’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Sarah Sarah Sarah. (yes, I am shaking my head as I type that)

How I have defended you over the years… not because I always agreed with you but because you were a conservative woman fighting the good fight. When they made fun of you for being stupid, I defended you, when they made fun of your kiddo with a disability, I defended you with chainsaws, when they made fun of your daughter for getting knocked up… you get the picture here, yeah? I defended you.

I defended you because as a conservative woman I felt that hatred from the left myself and would in fact joke that wow, I was sure getting attacked but no way it’s as bad as what Sarah Palin gets. I admired you for being willing to put yourself out there and take the bumps that come along with doing so. The media and the left would hit you and hit you hard, and there you were, smiling through it with what seemed to me a determined will to keep going no matter what.

So you can imagine my dismay when you endorsed Donald Trump and joined the circus, openly supporting and pushing the orange, temperamental, angry and fairly obvious liberal in republican’s clothing.

What happened to you? The supposed queen of conservatism, promoting a man who wouldn’t know the Constitution if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face and started to wiggle. I have to believe he made you an offer you simply could NOT refuse because otherwise you never really stood for conservative ideals and everything you’ve been championing for the last eight years meant nothing to you.

All of this just so you could dramatically award your endorsement, which doesn’t seem to have done much to help Donald – his base is already YOUR base. Go look at his supporters in social media, most of the women are Sarah Palin wannabes shaking their red white and blue pom-poms and chanting #MERICA over and over again. If we’re being honest Sarah, this has done far more to hurt you than help the orange man; I haven’t seen you mentioned this much in the media (both social and traditional) in years and unfortunately most of what I’m seeing is people scratching their heads and wondering why you would stab conservatism in the back.

Maybe you need a refresher on conservatism? You know, supporting individual liberty and freedoms? You ‘member.

Conservatives don’t support eminent domain, we’re not conveniently prolife, we do NOT support higher taxes, we would rather cut a limb off than support universal health care, we don’t change our minds on the second amendment and we would prefer our candidates at least be somewhat familiar with the Constitution.

And you should know better – you should know screeching a bunch of your one-liners like some drunk in a bar isn’t conservatism (drill baby drill only goes so far).

So I guess this is good luck with the Trump show because I, like many of your defenders and supporters, am done with you. We’re not interested in your convenient conservatism or your opportunistic pandering for relevance. And even though conservatives have been getting beaten up and many of us are bloodied and bruised, unlike you we stand for something more than ourselves.

You should try it sometime.

Bunnies and Debates and Rankings, OH MY!

I watched about an hour of the GOP Debate last night and it was surprisingly entertaining. Here are my rankings and thoughts about each candidate: 🐰✌🏻️

Cruz – He was outstanding. Even when Trump pulled the 9/11 card to act wounded over Cruz’s comments about NY values, Cruz kept it together and clearly won even that debate point. I loved his answers about his citizenship, especially when he pointed out that according to Trump’s own logic even Trump wouldn’t be eligible to run. A

Rubio – This man is simply inspirational, that’s all there is to it. He clearly wants what is best for this country and has done remarkably well even though other camps keep hanging amnesty around his throat. I thought he was (as usual) crisp, clear and debated with passion. A-

Christie – I like Christie. In my mind he is the original Trump BUT with actual knowledge, experience and minus the whole hating brown ppl thing. He is smart, he is direct and has surprisingly held his limited ground in this primary. He did well during the debate. B

Trump – This was his best showing thus far. C

Carson – As much as I like the man, he’s just not going to win this thing. He seemed very lost during this debate. C-

Kasich – He made a few decent points but honestly the way he debates and carries himself just annoys me. I feel like he’s the kid in the back of the class CONSTANTLY raising his hand to answer questions? D

Bush – I am beginning to resent Bush, he knows he will not get the nomination and so he’s trying to ‘cock block’ Rubio on this race. I completely tuned him out. F

There you have it… debate analysis from a bunny.