The Life and Times of a Never Trumper

I noticed many far more important people than me were writing about the Never Trump movement on this fine election eve, and never one to be outdone, I decided to throw my two cents in. And no one is shocked, I know.

Last July I jumped into the Never Trump movement with both feet, swinging my proverbial chainsaw with everything I had, in hopes that I could make enough noise to wake the GOP up from their odd, Trump-induced coma. Because let’s face it, many Trump supporters behave as if they are under some sort of odd trance or viral infection of some sort. Instead of waking people up I managed to get myself attacked, stalked, harassed and threatened … by who else, Trump supporters.

At the time it was devastating because I had spent a good two years getting attacked by the Left, but none of those crazy Lefties ever came after me as hard as my own side. That’s what hurt the most, it was “my people” trying to ruin me and my life. Sure, the Left called me everything but a white woman, but none of them ever tried to intimidate me in real life.

Like Trump supporters did.

I laid dormant for almost three months after those attacks – beaten, betrayed and absolutely ready to give up. What was the point afterall, if my own group would go that far to hurt me for not falling in line and supporting Donald Trump. Sure, I kept my handle at Twitter “alive” by logging in here and there, but not because I planned on coming back, but because I didn’t want any of the haters to get it.

It was a really awful time.

Luckily good friends and my amazing family helped me through it, and made me realize that if horrible people hated me THAT MUCH and were willing to go to SUCH LENGTHS to silence me, what I was saying was important. So here I am. Bruised, bloodied and a little worse for wear but still standing.

Sure, those dregs of the Trump movement still try and accuse me of crazy things (last I heard I was part of the illuminati working for Hillary or something), but I hardly pay them any mind … my focus was and is to oppose Donald Trump. And in that I think I have been successful. I have not swayed or become a last resorter and TRUST ME, God knows that would have been a far easier path, but here I am, on election eve, still DEFYING TRUMP.

Call it stubborn. Call it crazy.

I call it principled. Okay, and maybe a little stubborn and crazy. But worth it.

Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s election, I’m going to hate the next president of the US, and I’m resolved in that. I have been since Cruz dropped out … but in my resolve I also know I stood for what is right, good and true. And no matter what was thrown at me, I never folded and I never gave in… I’d like to think Alexander Hamilton is smiling down on me

Or laughing his ass off, either way – win!

-PB, Nov 7, 2016


3 thoughts on “The Life and Times of a Never Trumper

  1. One thing this generation does not comprehend is the power of sticking to your beliefs. Its sad to see the GOP eat itself, but refreshing to know we’ll be the ones they turn to when the smoke clears and the malcontent sets in.

  2. As a #NeverTrumper, I agree with everything you just said. Except one thing. Libs did threaten, and stalk me … to the point I have to file a police report.

    They gave me a ‘number’, that was it.

    Until this election, I could have never imagined Republicans (who ‘called’ their selves ‘patriots’, ‘tea party’, and ‘conservatives’) could be capable of the same thing.

    They are, and they ‘were’. I lost ‘venues’, had my life threatened, was stalked, and had my career path ‘threatened’.

    And ‘why’ was I ‘threatened’ thus? It was because (even though I was leaning towards voting for Trump .. and said so); I dared to post ‘proof positive’ that Ted Cruz was in fact a Natural born citizen.

    For that, (to the Trumpbots) I was worthless, and needed to be ‘taught a lesson’.

    I didn’t file the police report this time. I am simply exercising my #2a rights. Anyone tries to carry out the threat ((because I dared to disobey “Vote Trump … or B*** … don’t vote at all”) #Castle2016 btw)), they will be ‘met’.

    IF the Trump supporters every want Trump to have my vote, they need to stop acting like the Obama, Bernie, and Hilliary supporters.

    Until then? They can ‘rot’.

  3. Mike May says:

    I was & AM an outcast for my beliefs. Along time ago I joined Twitter and let the account just sit there. During the primaries I felt as though I was on an island. As a Cruz supporter I was an island. No one here( where I live) shared my views, no one where I am from did either. I decided no one I knew was on Twitter, maybe I could find some comrades! It took a while to find the “right” crowd.

    I am not as outgoing as most, don’t really have the patience of Job, and I am often unsure of myself but I try. I stumbled upon you & kept seeing posts I agreed with. Wether you know it or not you made a difference with me. I became a little more self assured. Still gotta work on the patience but hell, no one is perfect.

    I really just wanted to let you know I admire your wit, your fortitude and your integrity. Just thought it should be said & you should know you Do make a difference and your sacrifices don’t go unappreciated or unnoticed.

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