Liberals Are a Bunch of Cowards!

  Another guest blogger! My good friend, @PattyGirl. – PB

Is it true Obama left a condolence message for Prince?

But has yet to leave a message for the countless brave who have sacrificed for our country. No message for Chris Kyle’s wife, yet personally calls rappers, athletes who come out of the closet and thugs who get killed shooting cops. Invites a muslim bomb maker to the White House and shuts our WW2 veterans off from War Memorials. Allows Bergdhal’s daddy to praise Allah in our Rose Garden, and compares muslim beheading to the Christian Crusades.

This man has publically lied to every American telling us our premiums would not go up from Obamacare, that you can keep your doctor and plan. So while he golfs, non stop and ignores the fires he has lit accross the globe, Socialism has hit us all between the eyes.

But please, let’s talk about where grown men can pee.

Liberals are a bunch of cowards! 

Where are the women charging the fight for our girls safety?

Where are the women who publically defile muslims for marrying off their baby girls or mutilating their wives with acid or cutting off their genitalia? Where are they? SILENT 

The truth is, as in the joke called Obamacare, they are liberals.

Obamacare has hit this entire country, upended our economy…

and silence from the left. 

End. Of. Rant.


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