Bibbity Bobbity Bitch


I am a bitch.

It’s true.

I own it, but I like to think I use my bitch powers for good, not bad. Sort of like the Good Witch (with a B) of the North. Of course I’m sure there are plenty of liberals and even more Trump supporters (same difference) who would disagree that I use them for good, but screw them. That’s right, screw them with a sideways-spiked-dipped-in-lemon-juice cattle prod all day every day and TWICE on Sunday.

Sorry, I’m blogging angry, and it’s never a good idea to blog angry… unless you write what you really think when you’re angry and then maybe it’s a good thing? Not sure but that being said, I’m ticked.


Pissed off.

Fussy. Cranky. Agitated. Furious. Frustrated. Irritated. Flustered. Raging.

You get the picture. I’m mad.

And why am I ready to meltdown dramatically in a blaze of chainsaws? Because far too many people are once again excusing the orange nightmare leading the GOP for his typical sexist bullshit AND DAMMIT, feminists have made it nearly impossible to call out sexism when it actually happens because they have saturated the word.

RAR. *throws flaming chainsaw*

Government not paying for your birth control? Not sexist.
Trump implying women who disagree with him are ugly just for disagreeing with him? Sexist.
A man looking at you because he thinks you are lovely? Not sexist.
Trump accusing Megyn Kelly of being on the rag because she made him look stupid during a debate? Sexist.
Employers paying based on ability and not boobs? Not sexist.
Trump calling a female reporter who was manhandled by his campaign manager a liar and his campaign team attacking her character and her sex for days? Sexist.

Just so we’re clear.

And seriously, retweeting this nonsense… is this presidential?

Can you see Reagan going on twitter and calling women who disagreed with him ugly or accusing them of being on their periods? Hell, even Nixon didn’t say horrible things like this in public, and he was a real asshole. But Trump? He takes the orange cake. And you know, you’d think by now nothing would shock me, nothing would surprise me when it comes to politics, especially during this disastrous election, but this whole mess really did.

A Super PAC called “Making America Awesome” put out an ad in Utah showing somewhat risque photos of Melania Trump that she POSED FOR and released for public use… Trump blamed Cruz and immediately started threatening to “spill the beans on Heidi,” his wife. Even when Liz Mair from MAA released a statement explaining Cruz had zero to do with the ad, Trump continued to attack Cruz’s wife, going so far as to retweet personal attacks on her appearance. Cruz spoke out, stated Melania was lovely, that Heidi was the love of his life and men shouldn’t treat women in this way… didn’t matter.

And to top that off, what did the Trump supporters do when they were told Cruz had nothing to do with it? Most of them ignored reality (they’re good at that) and kept on screeching and insisting Cruz is a LIAR and a big OLD POOPY HEAD. The ones who did accept Cruz had nothing to do with the ad started threatening Mair’s life, her family, contacting them, doxing her on websites… all because of photos that were readily available online and in print, photos Melania posed for during a photo session Trump himself was part of…

The hypocrisy of Trump supporters shaking their fists about a woman being used in an attack ad while attacking two other women…

I got nothin’.

How can any woman support this guy? I don’t get it.

So I will keep using my bitch powers for good, speaking out against this type of behavior and hoping that more and more people will see Dump for who he is. A mean, spiteful, dishonest, fluffy-headed ninny monger who has NO business leading a conga line, let alone the free world.

Bibbity, boppity, bitch.


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