Bunny to English Dictionary


It has come to my attention I have not made certain accommodations for those folks who read my blog or follow me in social media who don’t speak “bunny.” As I am a traditionally tolerant and giving sort (no really, I am) I have put together this “mini-dictionary” if you will of a few words, terms and phrases you may come across in this particular rabbit hole. Whether you are a friend, a fan or a hater, please feel free to use this reference for all social media platforms.

Good Luck: I use this phrase a lot and have for the three or so years I have been active in social media. Traditionally I use it when I am done debating someone who won’t shut up or who has officially annoyed me to the point of not wanting to look at their face any more. Granted, the meaning behind the term is not very nice or fluffy but it is far more polite than telling someone to die in a fire.

Chainsaw, With a Chainsaw, Chainsaw: You know, I honestly don’t remember why I started to tell people to fornicate with power tools or why I chose a chainsaw… but it stuck. In the movie, Heathers, one of the Heathers says something about being f’d gently with a chainsaw so perhaps it came from there? Either way, I don’t just reference chainsaws (although it is by far my favorite power tool), I also suggest haters fornicate with cattle prods, sideways shovels, pineapples and other items that are decidedly sharp and far from romantic or comfortable. Yeah, I know it’s immature, but so is social media when you think about it.

Fascinating: When used as a “sentence” of sorts this is simple, it means, “Wow, you’re f’d in the head.”

Adorable, You’re adorable: This word/phrase is a more recent addition to the bunny vernacular and one I only started using since dealing with Trump supporters. Adorable, while traditionally a nice word, is not a good thing from me and usually leads to an outright insult (which I am trying to avoid more and more believe it or not). Usually I will tell a hater he or she is adorable to avoid saying something far more direct; if they choose to push beyond the “adorable” stage it is followed up by what I meant by adorable, i.e., “And by adorable I mean dumber than a bag of hammers.”

Ok: If you are debating me and I suddenly say ok, I’m done. You never want me to say ok if you are actually trying to change my mind because when I’ve said ok, you’re done. Finito. Finished. Hasta luego. You do not pass go, you do not collect $200.

Pardon?: Danger Will Robinson.

Wha?: This means I have no idea what you just said or are trying to say – if I add LOL to it I am saying that not only can I not understand you but somewhere a dictionary is crying because you’ve officially butchered the English language.

Blow, Shoo, Bye (etc) – Fairly self-explanatory, I don’t want to talk to you and yes, I could just ignore you but it’s more fun to poke you with a stick a little.

🙂 – The smiley face is textbook bunny, and honestly one of the things I believe helped form the persona. Even if you’re saying something sorta mean or unpleasant a smile makes it seem less personal? Or it’s just really damn funny to tell someone to blow themselves and then smile like you just said have a nice day. I actually saw a quote I loved, it said, “Smile at people who hate you.” Perfection.

These words, terms and phrases are the foundation of “bunny speak” and as you probably gathered they are often only used when dealing with those individuals who hate me for no reason… so I give them a reason. Also I hope you noticed that while none of them are polite or overly friendly, they’re not cruel or outright hateful either – even when dealing with people who HATE you, it’s imperative to keep your sense of humor.

Good luck. 😉


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