Trump Fraud in Mavinga, MO

I’m a bad kid.

But if you follow me in any sort of social media you know this already.

Today because I think many of us fighting against Trump have sort of lost our minds, a group (inspired by @JustEric) started making up different cities and counties in OH, FL, MO, NC AND IL and typing all in caps that there was voter fraud, and sending these tweets to Trump.

Of course the cities and counties did not exist… and were obviously foul, like:

North Anus County, OH
Mucock, MO
Areola, FL
Mavigina, MO
South Urethral County, NC
Dirty Crack County, IL

You get the gist… yes?

Well, as we were having fun at Mr. Trump’s expense several of his followers started to RT our silly tweets and tell us we should report the fraud… and we hee-hawed.

Ok, so it’s juvenile and silly but aren’t politics anyway?

Big shout out to @Patriot_Musket and many others for making what is typically a stressful, horrible day in social media hysterical and fun again… it’s been awhile.



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