Dammit Feminism


I blame feminism for Donald Trump.

It’s true. For months and months feminists and their “nuclear cousins” the Social Justice Warriors hammered the masses about being PC, being tolerant and following an ass-backwards agenda that made many of us nuts. So nuts in fact that roughly 35% of the population flocked to a foul-mouthed, orange-tinted, hot mess who on a whim decided he would run for president as a Republican EVEN though he had spent the majority of his 70 years as a Democrat.

So thanks a lot, feminism.

Thanks for driving people to the brink with your bullshit agenda that paints women as victims who are triggered by certain words, sights and sounds and therefore need safe spaces. Oh, and thanks for making all men into “villains” with your talk of rape culture, ultimately pushing many of them to resent women and any issue we may actually have. You have created an environment of people who no longer understand the difference between being politically correct and just being decent – you created an environment perfect for a demagogue like Donald Trump.

Beyond even Trump let’s talk about his base, shall we? The people who support him are using the “we’re not PC” talking point to deflect, discredit and destroy WOMEN… sure, they aren’t especially fond of men like Rick Wilson and Jonah Goldberg, but it’s predominately the females who speak out against Trump who really and truly get attacked. In all of your desperation to make the country a better place for women you alienated the very women you pretend to empower.

Michelle Fields for example was allegedly manhandled by Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski who at first admitted he did it, then denied he knew who she was, then went on to attack her person in social media. And what do Trump’s supporters do? They also go after Fields doing their best to make her the bad guy (or gal), all in the name of protecting Trump.

And why do they so desperately protect Trump? In their minds he is the one person who has had the balls to tell feminism to shut up, to tell the PC world to get bent, to speak his mind even if it’s not popular to do so. Which is honestly all well and good, until it crosses a line and people start to really get hurt. I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, feminism, but lots of people are starting to get hurt from reporters to protesters, the Trump movement is out of control fueled by the notion that political correctness is killing this country. The same political correctness you have been shoveling down America’s throat for far too long.

Long story short feminism, you have created intolerance by trying to force tolerance for your ideas, your agenda and your nonsense.

And in doing so, you created Trump.

Dammit feminism.


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