Get In Line


***WARNING: I swear a few times in this post, if you are the sensitive type and do not like that sort of language either grow up and read it OR just ignore it so I don’t have to listen to a bunch of whining and complaining. Thanks ***

It has come to my attention that far too many of our so-called experts, you know pundits in the conservative realm, are absolutely clueless when it comes to actual conservative ideals. They seem confused by the tenets many of us live by and the essence of what makes us conservatives, otherwise known as those fancy things I like to call principles. For example, if you think telling a bunch of conservatives to “get in line” behind Trump or ANY candidate will work, you’re either completely fucked in the head or a phony.

Like MANY conservatives I have a hard time being told what to do… guess that’s why I’m a conservative. As a child I should have come with a warning label of some sort, “Does not play well with others, will cut a bitch, don’t engage before coffee, may be smiling but will eviscerate you and not break a sweat, give the dangerous bitch her chocolate…” You know, helpful warning labels that would protect those poor souls who think it makes sense to tell me what to do, how to think, who to believe in, etc.

When I saw Judge Jeanine from Fox News tell people to “get in line” with Trump I flipped out. OK OK, this is not a new thing with me (yes, I am a drama queen, I own it thank you) but OMG y’all, this blew my mind. And I know what you’re thinking, if she had said Cruz or Rubio I wouldn’t be so pissed off but to be honest I would still want to throw things around if she had said another candidate.

Shame on Judge Jeanine telling conservatives to get in line with Trump because it’s supposedly what the American people want. Who does she think she is? Gee, I’m an American and I don’t want Trump ANYWHERE near the White House… and I know roughly 70% of Republicans and 80% of Democrats agree with me.

This infuriates me not because it’s Trump (granted, I think he sucks giant donkey balls) but because of this attitude, this idea, this ENTITLEMENT she thinks she has to tell us what to do. Oh and please don’t tell me the folks with the National Review are just as bad, they gave their opinions and left it up to the reader to decide, they didn’t tell me to get in line or how to vote IN A PRIMARY. Maybe Jeanine doesn’t understand how a primary works? That there are several candidates and we are allowed to vote for them as we see fit? Crazy right?

Get in line. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Get in line. People HATE lines! Think of the DMV, the post office, the firing squad… lines are bad things.

Perhaps it is Jeanine who has gotten in line since it’s obvious Rupert Murdoch has a giant boner over Trump, not to mention Trump gave her $20k in 2006 for her campaign. Sounds like many of the talking heads at Fox have their marching orders… at least I hope that’s what is happening because otherwise they have always been fakes, telling conservatives what we want to hear just to get our attention and build their brands.

I don’t know about you but I will not be getting in line – my warning label as an adult should read, “Does not appreciate talking heads bossing her around and such behavior may lead to angry blogging, fussy faces and the oiling of chainsaws.”

Get in line… get bent.


4 thoughts on “Get In Line

  1. green3r says:

    Last weekend, I attended the New Hampshire GOP ‪#‎FITN‬ Presidential Town Hall in Nashua. Hundreds (maybe a thousand) were in attendance — Presidential candidates, pundits, GOP state reps / politicians, grassroots activists, young college Republicans, C-SPAN and other media, etc.Two major observations or, as I prefer to call them, Fun Facts:

    – I only saw ONE individual wearing something that indicated support for Trump (a “Trump 2016” button). Although Trump wasn’t there because he was in IA, he didn’t even have a table set up with campaigners working it. Ben Carson and Chris Christie, also absent, had at least that level of participation.

    – There was little conversation regarding Trump at #FITN — and what little I engaged in or overheard — was *not* positive.

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