The Bunny Manifesto

That’s silly, but I couldn’t help it. THE BUNNY MANIFESTO… because everything I have to say is so SUPER important it should be deemed as such. I need fireworks or something going off in the background with that title, maybe some dub step? MANIFESTO, HEAR ME ROAR!
Clearly that’s not true but right now with other conservatives releasing their manifestos it seems appropriate.

Did ya’ll read the National Review’s 22-authored “Against Trump Manifesto”? IT IS BRILLIANT (if for some reason you haven’t read it, go HERE and read it before you continue). For months, several of what I would call mid-level conservatives have been fighting on the front lines against this Trump movement and many of us have been bloodied and bruised. Standing up for the real tenets of conservatism suddenly wasn’t all that popular and often times led to attacks from the usual suspects on the left PLUS Trump supporters. As one of those conservatives I have taken a lot of punches and have a few scars I could show you from the last few months, scars that will likely never fade but hey, I learned from them.

I learned a lot about convenient conservatism, collectivism, authoritarianism and a bunch of other ‘isms’ that are NO FUN. Like nationalism and racism (hey, the left may use the word far too much, but it is alive and well these days), sexism… things I honestly thought were talking points for people who had no real debate or argument. Which could still be true but I’ve seen it more firsthand than I ever thought possible, and it stemmed not from the left where you typically see group-like behavior and thinking but from the right, or the “Alt Right” if I am being accurate.

And I know it stands for Alternative Right but from my little conservative world it has felt like an alternative universe that has been empowered by none other than Lord Combover himself, Donald Trump. All it took was a promise to round Mexicans up in vans, build a wall and ban Muslims and they had a real platform to spew hate and divisive nonsense all in the name of AMERICA. I can’t tell you how many times I had one of them tell me America is a white country and that I was a race traitor for not supporting their efforts in having a “pure race.”

I have felt like I’m losing my mind for the last seven or so months, watching people who I thought were smart shake their fists and follow along with the idea that the ONLY issue we face as a country is immigration and if don’t stop the rapists and drug dealers we’re doomed! DOOMED I TELL YOU. We’ll be a third-world country, conservatism will die, the Democrats will rule forever and our nation will fall.

Yeah, they’re a tad dramatic.

All supposedly in the name of conservatism…

Conservatism is not about race wars, it is not about limiting the liberties and freedoms of people whose faith we may disagree with, it is not about rounding people up in vans, it is not about raising taxes, or building a wall, or “bombing the shit” out of people, or being bitter clingers. It is much bigger than the rhetoric that’s been flying around, it means so much more than some loudmouth standing in front of a crowd and mocking people who disagree with and do not support him.

Conservatism IS about the individual, their rights, their choices and their responsibilities. So many of these people keep saying “what are you conserving, this country sucks, blah blah blah” and it’s clear they don’t understand. Conservatism is about conserving the INDIVIDUAL.

Seeing 22 of the most well-known and followed conservatives FINALLY coming out with both barrels of liberty was such a relief… a return to sanity if you will. It can start to feel a little like you’re on an island of crazy when all you see in social media are assholes shouting as loud as they can about MAKING MEXICO PAY FOR A WALL!!! I had one friend say, “Thank God, the Calvary has arrived,” and he was right.

Do we still have time to save this election? To remind Americans what is so great about Conservatism and WHY we fight for the individual? Can we find a way to unite and reassure those who have supported Trump out of anger and fear that working together we can do better than any of the candidates, because we’re Americans?

I hope so.

I have faith.

I am a Conservative.


2 thoughts on “The Bunny Manifesto

  1. GR Hutson says:

    Speaking from the other side of the divide, allow me to give my own impressions. I’m not a white supremist or convenient conservative or progressive or Democrat, but I’ve been called all those things by the virulent anti-Trump right for believing that the guy may be just what we need at the moment. And I’m something of an uber-conservative by any outside measure (I part ways on some social issues, but I digress…). There are many more like me, just look at the followers on Twitter who’ve become brave enough to voice their support for Trump after being cowed into silence by the right. There’s plenty of a-holes to be found in both camps. In any group, really. If you want to define a movement by it’s worst examples, no one can stop you. Just know they are not the majority.

  2. Bunny, you would make a Right fine running mate for a properly Conservative candidate. The hard part is helping the right actually remember the true nature of Conservatism.
    Do you recall limited govt, individual liberty, personal responsibility?
    Yeah, that stuff.

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