Bunnies and Debates and Rankings, OH MY!

I watched about an hour of the GOP Debate last night and it was surprisingly entertaining. Here are my rankings and thoughts about each candidate: 🐰✌🏻️

Cruz – He was outstanding. Even when Trump pulled the 9/11 card to act wounded over Cruz’s comments about NY values, Cruz kept it together and clearly won even that debate point. I loved his answers about his citizenship, especially when he pointed out that according to Trump’s own logic even Trump wouldn’t be eligible to run. A

Rubio – This man is simply inspirational, that’s all there is to it. He clearly wants what is best for this country and has done remarkably well even though other camps keep hanging amnesty around his throat. I thought he was (as usual) crisp, clear and debated with passion. A-

Christie – I like Christie. In my mind he is the original Trump BUT with actual knowledge, experience and minus the whole hating brown ppl thing. He is smart, he is direct and has surprisingly held his limited ground in this primary. He did well during the debate. B

Trump – This was his best showing thus far. C

Carson – As much as I like the man, he’s just not going to win this thing. He seemed very lost during this debate. C-

Kasich – He made a few decent points but honestly the way he debates and carries himself just annoys me. I feel like he’s the kid in the back of the class CONSTANTLY raising his hand to answer questions? D

Bush – I am beginning to resent Bush, he knows he will not get the nomination and so he’s trying to ‘cock block’ Rubio on this race. I completely tuned him out. F

There you have it… debate analysis from a bunny. 


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